Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This week in lab we cultivated nematodes from earth worms that we let rot in a drawer for two weeks. The goal of this lab was to find and identify different stages of development. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything younger then a small adult.

However with that said I don’t believe my time spent in lab was wasted. I found out that these nematodes are actually pretty fragile. At first I was not adding water to my slide when I was viewing the worms and the most interesting thing occurred. The worm started to rip open before my eyes. It oozed its guts out and became a shriveled shell of the plump lively worm I was trying to view. Below are some pictures of the poor creatures.

I also saw several of what appeared to be worms inside of other worms. At first I thought it was two worms overlapping. However after watching for a while I saw the when the worm I presumed to be on top moved it brought its little worm with it, and the little worm could not squirm free of the larger worm.

The closest I could come to finding an egg or growing embryo was the following image however I believe that these could very well be a collection of bacteria and not at all what I was looking for.
The following is my personal favorite nematode. The first image is his entire cute little body followed by close ups of his insides and his anterior and postier ends.


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