Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Klinefelter syndrome
A revisit to Tortoiseshell and Calico cats.
          I said in a previous post that almost all Tortoiseshell and Calico cats are female. This left the question of how can you get male Tortoiseshell or Calico cats? There is a genetic disorder named Klinefelter syndrome in which affected individuals have two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. Just like in females one of the X chromosomes inactivates itself. If the male has two X chromosomes of different color then it will be a Calico cat. However having that extra X chromosome can lead to mild complications since it doesn’t fully inactivate. Humans can get Klinefelter syndrome too and mayo clinic has laid out the symptoms quite nicely according to age. If you would like to read it you can find it Here. Basically there is a chance you could get female qualities such as enlarged breast tissue and decreased testosterone. I said that there is a chance because not all males develop the same symptoms and on some occasions the syndrome goes unnoticed into adulthood.



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